Rewarding Outstanding Attendance

On Thursday 20th July, 17 of our children who had secured 100% attendance by not missing one day off in the whole year were rewarded with a visit to Brockbushes farm to pick strawberries to take home for tea. img_2164

This is our third year of offering this reward. Only 7 of our children managed 100% attendance in 2014-15 and 15 children achieved 100% in 2015-16, so we were delighted to increase the number this year.

Brockbushes welcomed us back with open arms again this year and are so supportive of our children improving their attendance that they gave all of our children and adults the £1 basket and entry fee free of charge! All staff who accompany the children had achieved 100% attendance too!

At May half term we were still on track to achieve our target set of 25 children achieving 100% for the entire year.  I am really hoping this year coming we can achieve this!


Meet our Key Stage Two fully trained phonics leaders. 

Key stage two children with a talent for leadership and phonics have been trained this term by our wonderful Year 4 teacher and deputy head Mrs Elliott, during enrichment time every Thursday. 

The leaders work in teams of two so that one can observe the other person working with the Year One child and then give them feedback afterwards.

In their last session of the term, the leaders designed their own phonics games to play on the yard with the Year One children this term. I can’t wait to see them in action. 

Our parents loved our phonics workshop this half term and they all agreed that they learnt lots from our children! Many of our parents have asked for some phonics lessons especially for them which we will start this term coming.

Check out Mrs Elliott’s blog that shares the fantastic learning and progress of our phonics leaders.

We have many after school sports clubs at North Fawdon and love our sporting activities; so much that many children continue them outside of school too and with great success! 

Owen secured a win for his team last month with a successful penalty which led to them becoming under 11 League Cup Winners. 

Around the World – A Flying Visit

Each week in Around the World club we visit a new country. On special occasions such as Pancake Day and Easter we fly around the world in one session visiting many countries to see how they celebrate the occasion.

We have visited well over 20 countries so far this year! By the end of the year we will have visited all of these countries! 


Over forty children attend Around the World club each week. I love running this club as I love languages and finding out about the life and culture in other countries. We often play music from the country and have a little dance!

Every week we look at the flag of the country we are visiting and make something to do with that country. We have made Russian stacking dolls, Indian elephant pencil pots, Italian La Befana Christmas stocking, New Zealand chocolate kiwi lollies, Cuban castanets and lots more.


Traditional Nigerian masks

Two of our club members  lived in Nigeria until a few weeks ago so we were very lucky when Kodi agreed to lead the slideshow about Nigeria and give us lots of first hand information.

Patricia returned to her mum’s home country of Cuba for a couple of years. They moved back to Newcastle only a couple of months ago so we were delighted she could tell us lots about Cuba.

The Year Six club leaders are an amazing help every week. They support the younger children so well as our club is open to children from Reception to Year Six.

Making blinis from Russia.

Making free standing Japanese dolls.

Making Lucky gold coin envelopes to celebrate Chinese New Year when we visited China.

We will be visiting Hungary in a couple of weeks so we have enlisted Sarlott and her mum to tell us what they love about their home country. 

We are so lucky to be in a multi cultural school where we have families from all over the world.

 How many flags do you recognise? 

We love finding out what each part of a flag represents. 

If you could fly to any country in the world, which one would you choose to visit first? 

World Book Day 2017 – A Day to Remember!

We started the day in breakfast club with players from the Falcon’s Rugby club as our special guests.


Simon and Gavin enjoyed chatting to our children about their favourite books and the characters they had come dressed as.

I think each year our parents get better and better at coming up with ideas for costumes.

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Hannah loved being Woody! She never stopped smiling the whole day!

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Every year for the last three years The Falcons have attended our World Book Day assembly. The Falcons have been working with our Year 3 and 4 classes on the importance of keeping fit and healthy. A healthy body leads to a healthy mind, ready for learning and helps you to be the best you can be!

p7fwkz7pdc Can you guess which character I dressed as this year?

During our World Book Day assembly Year 3 shared some very important messages about helping us to have a healthy body so that we have a healthy mind ready for all of that reading!

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Year 3 you were so good that we are going to video you this week and post you on my blog.

Children are asked to bring in their favourite book and the rugby players in that year choose one of the books to read. Two lucky winners not only got their book read but also chose a new book to take home.

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Flash the Falcons mascot, even made his annual appearance and helped to choose some costumes that stood out. This was an extremely difficult job as there were so many amazing ones this year!

41bsp6016uGavin chose Poison Ivy after hearing how Mum made outfit herself. Very impressive!


Three lucky winners all received tickets to see the Falcons play and a book of their choice.

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Meet our fabulous Nursery and Reception characters

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Meet our wonderful Year 1 and 2 characters:

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Meet our amazing ARC characters:     fqmk4om6iq

Meet our terrific Year 3 and 4 characters:

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Meet our fantastic Year 5 and 6 characters:

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   And finally… meet our ten winners of this year’s World Book day homework family challenge.


Roll on 2018 World Book Day! Don’t forget – we alternate each year so next year we will be ready for bedtime stories and dress in our pyjamas!

That means you have two years to plan your next World Book Day costume!

Golden Homework! 

This week Miss Stonehouse invited me into Year One as she was so impressed with herchildren’s  responses to their last homework topic challenge. 

I just had to show you some. The time and effort spent is clearly evident but most of all it was their passion and enthusiasm of the children that shone through as they chatted about what they were most proud of and what they found difficult.

I am sure you will agree that it was worth the 50 Golden Points I awarded them in this weeks golden assembly.   Ollie loved making the feather trees but it was tricky to not get your fingers stuck to the feathers.

 William loved making the moving clouds   David loved the fact that he and his family had used a real egg and stick. He was particularly proud that he had worked out how to have a moving bird. 

   Oeghan told me how proud he was of his volcano.

 Max told me that he and his mam made his dinosaur together. I heard from Mum that it took A LOT of perseverance and resilience and it definitely is not as simple to make as the instructions described!  

  Maddie was so proud of her writing.   

 Aliza told me how her mum cut out the pieces and she stuck it together but you had to be very careful to stick them in the right place. I agree Alizarin, accuracy is very important.

  Kathleen told me she is going to do some writing at home this week because she loves to write.


  Jack loves his because you can play with it and have fun with the dinosaurs.

Lucy was most proud of her jokes inside.

In fact, Lucy enjoyed her homework that much she went onto make a Lego dinosaur at home. Mum told me she was so proud of it that they decided to glue it together as a keepsake of her achievement.  

I can’t wait to pop into Year Two next week to see their creations.

Live from the Beaconhill Swing Band

To inspire our children to try a new musical instrument they have never tried before we invited The Beaconhill Swing Band in to school.

What a treat! It wasn’t long before the whole hall was swinging and clapping to the music! 

 It is vital that we open as many doors of opportunity as possible for our children.  


The band performed two sets for us and included a number of jazz, swing and blues classics!  

 During the break the musicians worked with some of our children who have expressed an interest in trying these instruments and have shown a talent in other musical activities.   
I was so proud of our children as they shared all of the core values they believe you would need to play an instrument in a band to the standard of The Beaconhill Swing Band. Teamwork, patience, commitment, perseverance, resilience, enthusiasm, pride, respect, passion and trust to name a few. 

  A huge thank you to all of the marvellous musicians from The Beaconhill Swing Band who gave up their time to come and play for us. We absolutely loved it!  

You certainly inspired us all! This time next year I am determined to be up there on the stage playing those drums.

Why Being a Headteacher is the Best Job in the World

Every day different staff have their lunch with our children in the dining hall. For those who know me well, I like nothing better than a really good chat! Some of my favourite conversations have happened at lunchtime in the dining hall. We talk about all different topics, sometimes what is happening currently, sometimes we recall events of the past and other times we discuss the future. Aspiration is very important to us all at North Fawdon and we often talk about what they would like to be doing in ten, twenty, thirty years time.

I often get asked whether it is tricky  being a headteacher. My answer is always the same. Yes! But I wouldn’t changed it for the world.

I feel extremely privileged to see such great things happening every day. Together we can make a difference and ensure they achieve their best and secure a successful future for them.

Some of our children’s personal golden moments:

  Talal arrived unable to speak any English at all. This is the moment he achieved his target of reading and writing numbers to 5.

  A special moment for Preciouse and Bright when they shared with me that they wanted to write all weekend at home! I gave them and their brothers Divine and Tom and cousin Jasmine a book and a pen each. They were so excited that they sat themselves down and started writing straight away!   

 This was the first time Nela from Slovakia chose to play independently of her linked adult. She giggled and smiled the whole time and remained focussed for well over twenty minutes. A real golden moment for Nela!

  This is the time Tom wrote his very first caption independently in the writing area. Tom has showed a real passion for learning to read and write in Reception. He is regularly to be found at the writing table whenever I pass through Early Years. Tom read and followed the caption I wrote back to him! A great golden moment Tom!

  Meet Harry and one of his golden moments. This is the first time he choose to write independently after his phonics session. Brilliant blending Harry! This was definitely the turning point for Harry! He hasn’t stopped writing since!

 It was last year in Year Four when Daniel realised he had a very special talent for writing. We have known his potential for years but Daniel didn’t used to like writing at all. He would always just write the bare minimum! Now, his passion and commitment to writing is an outstanding example to others. Daniel informed me on Friday that he had finally completed the closing paragraph in his current piece. I can’t wait to read it!

Every day I am lucky enough to see or hear about so many golden moments from so many of our children right throughout our school! 

Perseverance Pays Off For Year Six

Year Six, Mrs and Nrs Robinson were determined to follow in the footsteps of the previous Year Six and secure themselves a visit to our country’s capital.

First, they beavered away researching the city of London, identifying key facts that they believed I would not already know. They then presented all of their beautifully crafted letters and their well composed facts.




So much planning and thought had gone into their bid that they even placed each individual letter in a golden envelope and then stamped each one with a wax seal.

Due to the standard of the letters and the incredible amount of effort Year Six applied I rewarded them by granting their wish. So the plans of booking their two day visit began and before you could say ‘Houses of Parliament’ we were on our way there!  

Mrs Faye had even created a London workbook to keep everyone entertained on the train. On our journey there, we reflected on our commitment.

North Fawdon is an inclusive school and strongly believes in offering exciting opportunities like this to the WHOLE class. Therefore the only charge to our children was £10 which they were expected to raise at home by doing jobs around the house. In school, the children also raised money through a cake stall, a raffle and car washing (although my car is still waiting!)

Our trip was simply amazing with so many golden memories! Listening to a debate on Brexit and Article 50 in the Houses of Commons and then popping into the Houses of Lords to hear Lord Kinnock speak is a real bit of history and an experience I’ll treasure forever. Mrs Faye has captured the whole visit in an outstanding post on her blog. It is not to be missed!